Kiev 303 (green)

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Continuing the long history of tweaking up the design of the Minolta 16I Kiev released in 1990 the 303 in five colours -black, white, grey, red, and green. The metal shell got replaced by a plastic one and the wrist strap end reverted to the original Vega 1 style. Same 23mm lens, f3.5-11 but now 1/30 to 1/250 shutter speed. 13x17mm image size and focusing from 0.5m to infinity with stops marked at 1 and 2m.

Most commonly sold as a kit with cassettes, case, developing tools and a negative mask for the enlarger. Filters cannot be used on this camera as they can not be clipped onto the plastic frame.

Sold in black, green, red, white and grey.

Production creased in the Ukraine at the turn of the century.

Model black green red white grey
Serial # 9235562        
Finish/colour black plastic green plastic red plastic    
Case hard, brown hard, black hard, light brown    
Box with developing tank reel, cassette and enlarge mask.
Date of Manufacture          
Current Value          
Auction Price          


Last Updated on 23rd February 2002