Pentax 110 Accessories - Aluminum Attaché Cases

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Aluminium Attaché Case

Hard cases for Pentax Auto 110 "set" were always offered empty; as an accessory. They came in either all aluminium or aluminium/hardboard decorated in the Pentax logo. All had two keys in a black fob attached to the handle. They were not boxed but came in a cardboard sleeve. The all aluminium's were made with at least two different "Pentax" name plates in the top's lower right hand corner. 

The aluminium attaché case has a Pentax logo badge on the top and cut outs for the Auto 110 major kit. One variation of the cut out foam has space for 4 of the 6 lens (zoom, 70mm. 50mm, 18mm with the 24mm on the camera, missing the 18mm pan focus) and the filters and attachment lens are fitted tightly as a set. 

One form of the case has spaces for five of the six lens, space gained by not having separators for the filters and close up lenses.

Plain cases of an identical size have been sold, using the interior of the major component set for the spacing. These are not Pentax cases, but serve just as well. 
Finish/colour Aluminium case with black lettering PENTAX logo on the top and base.
Purchased 2003/01/25 2004/09/11
Date of Manufacture    
Cost 122 EUR (with major components kit) 17GBP (62GBP with full kit sold for 45GBP)
Current Value  
Auction Price 2002/04/20    350EUR (+kit)
2002/05/12    132GBP
2002/05/13    152.50USD
2002/05/28    81.75USD
2002/06/12    250USD (+kit)
2002/06/30    276.80EUR
2002/07/15    164.49USD (+kit)
2002/07/29    129.50USD (case wrapped)
2002/07/28    62GBP (case)
2002/08/04    113GBP (+kit)
2002/09/01    130.29GBP (+kit)
2002/09/07    45GBP (case)
2002/09/22    140GBP (+kit)
2002/09/02    315USD (+kit)
2002/10/27    150USD (+kit)
2002/11/10    153.5EUR (+kit)
2002/12/02    225USD (+kit)
2002/11/22    140.50USD (+kit)
2003/02/16    100.66EUR (+kit)
2003/02/24    200USD (+kit)
2003/03/25    140USD (+kit)
2003/01/20    108USD (case)
*2003/01/25    122EUR (+kit)
2003/01/30    154.50USD
2003/02/12    113.50USD (+kit)
2003/09/19    52GBP (case)
2004/01/15    102.76 (case)
2004/01/18     46.01USD (case, ding)
2004/01/18    52.01USD (case)
2004/04/02    150USD (+kit)
2004/04/15    153.60USD (+kit)
2004/04/29    164USD (+kit)
2004/05/16    70USD (+camera and lens)
2004/07/18    116.27USD (+kit)
2004/07/24     242.50USD (+Super kit)
2004/07/30     179.49USD (+kit)
2004/08/02    119USD (+kit)
2004/08/03    26.89USD (no dividers)
2004/08/07     52USD,
2004/08/07     61.99USD (+kit)
2004/08/16    81USD (+kit)
2004/08/25    118.51USD (
2004/08/26    122.50USD (+kit, #1508303)
2004/08/26    207.50USD (+kit Super #942402, zoom, pan focus)
2004/09/02    72.12GBP (+kit)
2004/09/06    102.50USD (+kit)
2004/09/11    62GBP (+kit)
2004/09/26    27.51USD (all aluminium)
2004/10/20    118.25USD (+kit)
2004/10/24    255GBP (+kit)
2004/11/15    102GBP (+kit)
2004/11/29    30.79USD
2004/09/11    17GBP (62GBP with kit, camera kit sold for 45GBP)
2005/02/25    100.05USD (+kit)
2005/05/04    122.50USD (+kit)
2005/05/08    56GBP (+kit)
2005/05/09    77GBP (+kit, zoom)
2005/05/29    78.77USD (unused)
2005/06/08    209.16USD (+kit)
2005/06/16    103.32GBR (+kit)
2005/07/03    94.55EUR (+kit)
2005/08/18    208.50USD (+kit)
2005/08/23    82GBP (+kit)
2005/08/23    113.50USD (+kit)
2005/09/01    76.51USD (+kit)
2005/09/01     200USD (Auto 110 Super kit)
2005/11/12     79GBP (+kit)
2005/11/20    57GBP
2007/02/15    41.88USD (all aluminium)
2007/02/18   12.50GBP
2007/08/23 25.01GBP
2008/01/25 28.80GBP (Auto 110 Super)
Comment The attaché case is mostly sold populated with a complete component set. when sold on it's own it often at the same level of price as a case with camera and kit. There appears to be no distinction in value between the two case types.

Very rare is to find the case with original plastic bag and cardboard sleeve.


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